What is SPARC

SPARC stands for Student Projects and Research Committee. It is a student makerspace headquartered in the College of Engineering. It was founded by the Auburn University Electrical Engineering Department in 2006 to provide students with the opportunity to test out their own ideas, integrate concepts learned in class, compete with peers at other schools, and demonstrate their products to the public. SPARC provides the lab tools and space for projects.

Benefits of Joining

Any Auburn University student undergraduate or graduate regardless of major or year can work on a project facilitated by SPARC. SPARC provides the opportunity for younger students to work with older students. It is a great way to get real problem solving experience and apply some of the knowledge that is learned in classes. It also serves as a great resume builder in which can help get members involved in Undergraduate research and CO-OP’s and internships.

How to Get Involved

Joining SPARC is really easy. Membership is free. All you have to do is log 5 hours in the lab in order to familiarize yourself with the club. After that, you will be given 24-7 code access to the lab Broun 367. This semester (Fall 2017), SPARC formally meets once a week in Broun 235 at 5:30 PM on Tuesdays to review the status of the various projects and learn new skills. If you would like more information or are interested in joining please email us at: sparc.auburn@gmail.com.

Featured Projects

Our Lab

3D Printer

In our lab we have a Lulzbot Taz 3 3D printer that is open to any member of SPARC. By joining SPARC you get the opportunity to learn how to operate a 3D printer. You can provide your own filament as long as it is compatible with the printer or use some of SPARC's filament. Below is a live stream:

Electronics Parts

In our lab we also have an extensive collection of electronics parts. These include everything from discrete components such as resistors and capacitors to more advanced components such as motor controllers and sensors. These parts are free to any SPARC member to use for their projects.

Solder Station

We have a full set up solder station with a soldering iron and all the tools and materials needed for electronics work. Those include safety glasses, solder, flux, wire, tape, heatshrink, probes, pliars, wire strippers, etc.


We have a large set of tools that can be used for any of the projects. These tools include all of the basics such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliars, clamps, saws, a drill, Dremel, and much more. If we do not have a tool that you would need for a project we can purchase a new one. The advantage of SPARC is that it provides the tools that students would not have in their dorm or apartment.


Auburn University College of Engineering- Website for Auburn's Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
Auburn University- Website for Auburn University
GitHub- Technical file sharing of SPARC
AUinvolve- SPARC's organization page
YouTube- Videos of SPARC projects
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We are glad to accept sponsorship and suggestions for our projects. Please contact us at sparc.auburn@gmail.com

Contact SPARC

Email us at sparc.auburn@gmail.com